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1. | Jun 17, 2014
i have been hearing in my hub that some drirevs have been talking alot of smack about the inside workers and i didnt like the idea of that! DRivers whether you are feeder or package car need to realize that you are all affected by this agreement if it were to pass. YOur pension will be screwed and your wages increases will be screwed. So i really dont like when i hear about drirevs talkin crap abou the inside guys. WE all equally break our backs for this company and we need to all start acting like a UNION and stand by one another. UPS doesnt want UNITY they want division so enough . for the drirevs out there who are talking crap educate yourself before you run your mouth about the inside workers are making a fuss and all that crap. Read the agreement and learn about whats going on because if you dont you are in for a rude awakening when you get *(*Ucked by the company. FULL time and partime will get screwed by this contract. SO instead talking smack educate yourself and join the movement. think outside the box you are part of something bigger you cant just think about your pocket think about your fellow union members we all need to vote NO so we can all benefit and secure are futures at UPS.
2. | Jul 2, 2013
I'm a fairly new emlypoee, having worked just over a year as a part-timer in our local HUB. So I'm not yet very knowledgeable about UPS/Teamster politics and history. But I've been told that emlypoees once started at about $14 or $15 an hour, back in the mid-'80s or '90's, I believe.If true, that's astounding. Traditionally, people's salaries increase at least incrementally just to keep pace with the rising cost of living. Yet the Teamsters apparently let UPS slash our salaries by $4-5 an hour, and starting wages have been frozen at $8.50 since _________ (Can anyone fill in the blank?)They've apparently been frozen for at least the last five years, with another year left in the current contract. And we're now presented with a five-year contract, right? So we're talking about wages frozen at an insulting $8.50 for over a decade! With our economy on the skids, will new emlypoees' even be able to afford the cost of gas in 2012?Which raises another question: Why are we signing SIX- and FIVE-year contracts? Is that the norm? If we scr*w up we'll be stuck with this contract for one helluva long time.I actually enjoy my job, to some extent, and I get along with the supervisors just fine. I'm just tired of being exploited by UPS, and I'm becoming angrier at the Teamsters every day. International "Brotherhood," my a*s.
3. | Jun 25, 2013
Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a cretfieid genius.
4. | Jun 25, 2013
God, I feel like I shluod be takin notes! Great work