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So true. Honesty and everything recoginzed.
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Gee whiz, and I tohguht this would be hard to find out.
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17. | Oct 11, 2012
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18. | Jun 16, 2012
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19. | Jun 14, 2012
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20. | Jun 13, 2012
I think WWE'12 is a lot better than the last few preqleus. The AI really is much better now, wake up taunts are fraking awesome, RTWM is quite interesting and the roster is superb. What's not so great in WWE'12 is the still boring universe mode (too much random shit happens there) and the bad hit detection (flying moves rarely connect right). But overall it's a very big step up for the series. However strangely I only played it for like 2 weeks and it got boring. Dunno maybe it's just me.
21. | May 31, 2012
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22. | May 30, 2012
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23. | May 30, 2012
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